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Hey hey you you, vote for my girlfriend!

Hehe.. saya kembali dari status hiatus gara-gara harus memposting hal penting ini. Ya para blogger semuanya, mohon dukungannya. Ini benar-benar penting, harus dilakukan hari ini

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me & avril

Mohon votingnya ya, sama seperti tahun lalu (kalo tahun lalu di TRL, kali ini di MTV Asia Awards 2008). Untuk lebih tau tentang kekasih saya, kamu bisa lihat biografinya:

At a tender age of 23, Avril Lavigne is a girl who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. This punk-rock-with-a–twist-of-pink princess has gone multiplatinum with each and every album she has put out thus far, earning herself a solid foothold as one of the few successful female leads in a usually male dominated market.

Topping charts worldwide is Lavigne’s latest album The Best Damn Thing. It brims with gutsy guitar riffs, instantaneously catchy sing-along party-starting choruses, power pop punk, and rebellious rock ’n’ roll attitude, creating scenarios for her lyrics that weren’t, as she says, “straight out of my diary.” The result is a collection of songs that reveal just how far she’s evolved as a songwriter and singer.

She may be a bit more sophisticated these days, but she’s still peerless, and still fearless. The Best Damn Thing is Avril Lavigne at a new stage in her life; she’s passed through the shadows of teen angst and emerged in a spotlight, ready to have fun and rock out and yes, even dance. It is, just as she intended, the best damn thing she’s ever done.

MTV Asia Awards 2008

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Seandainya Avril mau mencalonkan diri di pilkada sumsel, pasti saya akan dukung habis-habisan 😛